Christian Teens

Road Show 2016

Thank you to all of the many hands that worked tirelessly for months to make this years Road Show a fantastic memory of a lifetime!

Local teen goes from Slovenia to Dubai. —But why?

Michael Brown, age 18, has already traveled the world, all because of a board game. What started as an after school hobby once a week in first grade has led him from Slovenia to Dubai. And now, he’s headed to BYU on the highest possible scholarship, the Thomas S.  Monson Presidential Scholarship.

How Can You Change the World in 2015?


The Young Women from the Santa Margarita Ward celebrated their ability to change their world. In activities leading up to their New Beginnings they each painted globes and wrote inspirational quote to inspire them. April McCuscker, the Young Women President, challenged the teenage girls and women to open the Personal Progress book. Every goal or value they work on helps them change their world now and forever. She emphasized the fact that this isnt just personal progress, it's Eternal Progress.   


According to April McCuscker,

"This year for New Beginnings, I wanted to really focus on how the girls could change their life through focusing more on the values presented in Personal Progress.  I decided to do a video with the girls answering the question, "How will you change your world in 2015"  During the middle of filming, by our very own laurel Jessica Coleman, I realized that one of the girls wasn't even a member of our ward, let alone a member of the church!  She happened to be a friend of Taryn Dunkley and she loved every minute of it.  I didn't allow anyone to see the video until the evening of New Beginnings, so Taryn invited her friend to come that evening.  After enjoying the video and all that that evening entails, Taryn's dad approached me later and let me know that she loved it so much she wants to come to church.  I would say that these girls are already changing their world...and others."