LDS General Conference Traditions

According to Angel Lefler, a mom of 4, this is how they try to bring the spirit from General Conference into their home.  

"With having kids that are so little and not able to understand all the benefits of conference I had to decide what my goals for conference weekend were. I decided I wanted my children to be excited for conference and to want to be apart of it. I wanted them to see that mom and dad wanted to participate I conference and that it brought us peace and strength. I wanted traditions of conference weekend to be familiar, fun, and something that brings the family together and not just the parents saying "shhh" every 3 minutes. 

Sooo, with that in mind. Saturday and Sunday morning we have big breakfasts. We eat them while listening to the first part of the the first sessions. The kids love it and full mouths are quiet mouths.  When breakfast is over we come to the couch and start the activity sticks. The activity sticks have written on them quiet activities the kids can do while listening to conference. Busy hands are happy hands.  They are things like painting nails, draw a picture of the speakers tie, conference bingo, lacing cards, tracing pictures, drawing pictures of/for family, making bead necklaces, etc. I also print activities from The kids get to take turns picking the sticks out of a can at random and the activity is done when they are finished. We don't wait till the next talk happens or anything. 

As the kids grow older and more mature we have them sit with us while the prophet speaks, and start taking notes while certain speakers speak. 

Saturday between sessions we eat lunch  and usually go for a bike ride or walk and Sunday between sessions we usually eat lunch and play board games."

How awesome are her ideas and thoughts on how to entertain little children during General Conference?!

Here is the April 2017 LDS General Conference Schedule

Saturday, April 1, 2016
Saturday Morning Session (9:00 a.m.) for everyone
Saturday Afternoon Session (1:00 p.m.) for everyone
General Priesthood Session (5:00 p.m.) for men and young men 12 years of age and older

Sunday, April 2, 2016
Sunday Morning Session (9:00 a.m.) for everyone
Sunday Afternoon Session (1:00 p.m.) for everyone

What is LDS General Conference?