A Christmas Message from the Santa Margarita Stake Presidency

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Dear friends,

As a Presidency we want to extend to you and your family our love as we begin this wonderful holiday season of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

What a precious privilege it is to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! To not only know how to worship, but to know what to worship (D&C 93:19). To have a correct understanding of the character, attributes, and perfection of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is immeasurable. Without this knowledge, we could not have power to exercise sufficient faith to enjoy the fullness of the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ even that of eternal glory. (Lectures on Faith 4)

The Christmas season for me triggers endless memories. As a young child growing up here in Southern California, I always found the song White Christmas to be quite ironic. I have yet to see the streets of El Toro road covered in snow on Christmas day, let alone on any day. 

I remember decorating the Christmas tree one evening when I was 6 or7 years old. We had Bing Crosby’s legendary White Christmas playing in the background. I thought with a smirk on my face, “Keep dreaming buddy, because there is no snow here!”

It was a couple of years later that we became brave enough as a family to travel regularly to Idaho for the Christmas season. It was then that I learned firsthand of the joys of a real White Christmas. Oh what fun it is to enjoy the seasons, the smells, the food, and family traditions that accompany this time of year!

While there is still no snow on El Toro road, I am dreaming of a white Christmas. However these days, “white Christmas” has a different meaning for me.

 As a young father, I anxiously awaited for the day that I, along with my children, could dress in white and walk down into the waters of baptism to make that special covenant to take upon us Christ’s name.

President Warnick, President Cooper and I are so thrilled to have witnessed so many incredible humble and faithful converts this year who have taken upon them His name as well. They are a living witness of the divinity of this work. They are the proof that the spirit of revelation is a part of this latter day gathering (Joel 2:28-29).

Today we anxiously look forward to the day when all of our children can once again dress in sacred and holy white and enter in the House of the Lord to again make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father.  It is in the temples that the majesty of the Plan of Salvation is understood. It is in the temple that a humble adoration for our Savior’s atonement breathes fuller meaning. Like Lehi of old, “How great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth” (2Ne 2:8).

We testify that Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world. Once again, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and hope you are inspired to serve others this Christmas season. As we follow his example, we can help #LightTheWorld.

Yes, we are dreaming of a white Christmas.

God bless each and every one,

Kirk D Hess

Bob Warnick

Brad Cooper