Stake Snow Camping Trip —Yes on purpose.

Vivian Creek: Snow Camping - Jan 29-30 2016

This Stake YM High adventure was snow camping. What a surprise to see 67 show up for this event!

We drove up to Forest Falls just outside of Redding and hiked up Vivian Creek. The prep-trainings paid off as we had no major frozen boys! A few learned some hard lessons to be better prepared next time like: set up a new tent at least once before you come and who was to bring the stove?

We backpacked in around 2+ miles and started to hit some deeper snow and since we had a few boys without boots we struck camp for the night. We had an evening devotional centered on Israel being led by God by a cloud and likened our visual cloud to modern day prophets. Are we following the direction of modern day prophets? Are we willing to do the hard things they ask of us?

Morning came with unseasonably warm, but certainly welcomed sun shine. What followed was a lot of snow play, breakfast, and pack up for home. We had incredible conditions and a perfect first time snow camping experience for our new snow camping boys.

Check out our Gallery below! :)