Would you fight like Brandi to protect your children from the new drug?

For many busy parents, when they become aware of a problem in society that might impact their children, the hope is that "someone" will do something about it.  Not for Brandi Kilmer!  When one of her children was approached by another student who wanted to share some pornography with her, Brandi realized just how mainstream it had become.  Already very interested in Pornography Awareness, and an organization called "Fight The New Drug," Brandi approached the PTA organizations at her children's schools to encourage their involvement in fighting pornography through parent education programs.  When she was told no one was doing Parent Education for the Las Flores Middle School PTA, she said, "I'll do it!"  She also serves as the Parent Education chair for Tesoro High School PTA.

Brandi's hope was to be able to present an assembly for the students utilizing the assistance of the "Fight The New Drug" people.  When those efforts were unsuccessful, she planned a joint program to help educate the parents at both schools and raised the money necessary to pay for the presentation.  The response from the parents was very positive.  Brandi said at first they were in shock to be made aware of just how available pornography is to their children.  Then they became open to addressing the issue, and recognized the need for more awareness.  "I saw just how mainstream and accessible pornography is now, and how it can impact the relationships my children have with other kids," Kilmer stated.  "It is so harmful, and can also affect a child's self-esteem, and even depression.  This needs to be talked about, and needs to be a continuing conversation with our children. They need to be aware at even earlier ages now."

Wanting to be a continuing voice in the fight against pornography, Brandi will serve a second term as the Parent Education Chair on the Tesoro High School PTA Board.  She was called a few months ago as the president of the Relief Society, the women's organization, in the Santa Margarita Ward.  Brandi and her husband, William, are the parents of five children between the ages of 6 and 19 years.  An ardent stand-up-paddler and hiker, she also enjoys hiking and biking with her family.

Our "hats off" to Brandi, a concerned parent who wasn't afraid to get involved!