From living in a car to attending Temple Prep classes

From Elder and Sister Whetten (serving in my ward):

This pic [below] was taken, Friday, May 1, 2015.  Steve is a new convert.  He was baptized in Nov 2014. His dear mother Angie is returning to activity in church after a long absence.  They have known much heartache,  sorrow, poverty, and despair.  However, she knows God loves her and her son.   She knows God has provided for them,  has never forgotten nor  forsaken them even in their  darkest hours—being homeless, living in a car, etc.  Since moving to Lake Forest , CA.  and  returning to full activity in the church,   a NEW  “fresh” beginning  has begun!  Life, though still a struggle,  is improving.
They have grateful hearts.  She has a job and  is  working,  Steve will  soon  graduate from high school, which is a miracle,  since he had to make up 2 years of high school, which he has done in 1 year. 
 Elder Hair and Elder Davis are meeting with him to teach  “After Baptism Lessons, ”   He often accompanies them when they have  teaching appointments, and they involve him in service projects as well. 
 He  loves  his association with them.  Elder and Sister Whetten meet with them weekly in their apartment and teach Temple Preparation Lessons. Both will soon  receive their Patriarchal Blessings.   It is a joy to witness their growing faithfulness, personal  commitment and desire to follow  of Jesus Christ and  Heavenly Father’s Plan.